Buddy Break

Parents who raise children with special needs often feel overwhelmed. But they have few places to turn to take a break and try to refresh themselves. “Buddy Break”  is working to give parents the help they need. Buddy Break works out of churches, and involves every aspect of the congregation and community to integrate and involve the young person with a disability. Quite simply, the children with all types of abilities have fun together.

“When I take the time to relax and reenergize myself, I feel like I’m a better mom,” said Karen Jones a single mother who drives her 11-year-old son David, a quadriplegic,  to a  Church in Winter Park, Florida.  There,  Karen gets a three hour break  from the intense duties of caring for her son.

“I’m able to be more patient, more attentive, more playful, and less stress out, and to appreciate David for the blessing he is.”

Buddy Break is trying to build a permanent respite facility in central Florida to provide overnight care, or extended care when families need it.

To see this community integration program in action, view this link. http://www.nathanielshope.org/events-programs/buddy-break/