My son Phillip and me at home

About Judith Moen.

Judith Moen is a former broadcast journalist who worked in television in Chicago, Atlanta and on the Travel Channel.  After 25 years in the industry, Judith switched gears. She began working as an advocate for people with disabilities. Judith is a graduate of an advocacy training program called Partners in Policymaking.  It is designed to create more support for people with disabilities,  promoting better integration and eliminating isolation.  Since then, she has been an advocate at the State Capitol and is chairman of the  board for All About Developmental Disabilities. Its mission is to create better integration for children, adults and families living with developmental disabilities. Judith also finds great joy in collecting stories for her blog,

Judith  finds great satisfaction in spending sacred time with  her family. She is the mother of Greta,  a talented architect living in New York City,  and Phillip, a junior transferring to Kennesaw State University. She is also the wife of an amazing father, Bahns, who never sees obstacles, “just opportunities.”  But it is her son Phillip, who has taught her  much of the true meaning  of joy and peace in life.