A Strong Influence

We never know what impact our kids will have on the lives of others.  Our son Phillip, was mainstreamed throughout his education.  It was not easy.

Life became increasingly difficult when he developed juvenile diabetes at age 15. The disease had nothing to do with his cerebral palsy. As one doctor said to me, “He’s just another kid who came down with Type I Diabetes." 

When Phillip was in high school, he made some incredible friends.  The president of the National Honor Society wanted to do something to support Phillip, so they participated in a “Walk for the Cure” for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF).

Last week, the extraordinary young man who was president of our son’s high school honor society, helped raise  over $76,000 for JDRF, at the firm where he works in Hartford, Conn.

Phillip was deeply touched that his friend still carried the torch to help find a cure.

“That is so fantastic,” Phillip said. “I am truly happy.”