Road to Recovery Update

I have been haunted by the vision of a young woman on her bike, flying through the air towards my car on May 6.  After calling 911, the minister from the nearby church and I stood helpless as we watched paramedics rush her to Grady Hospital.

“All we can do now is pray,” the minister said.  So we did.

I am happy to report that this 26-year-old biker is  back home, and did not suffer any spinal nor neurological injuries.  However, she did break many bones and  has had multiple surgeries.  Laura Quade  is still recovering and  is set for physical therapy sessions.

You can keep track of Laura’s progress on  Just enter “Laura Quade.” Laura is a well loved member of the Decatur, GA community, and a very experienced bike rider.

Laura  was safely waiting to make a left, when a senior citizen slammed into her bike, sending her sailing through the air. He was charged with a minor traffic violation.