True Love

Every now and then there is a love story that grabs us.  That’s the case when this photo went viral.  The story of Jesse and Kelly Cottle is hugely symbolic.  Jesse sacrificed his legs serving his country in Afghanistan.  But the real victory is how he dealt with adapting to life’s unexpected changes.  He refused to give up and learned how to walk on new legs.

While in recovery in San Diego, he met an amazingly gorgeous woman.  The attraction between this very handsome couple is more than skin deep.  They both discovered that their connection had more to do with spiritual and emotional strength, rather than the fact that they are beautiful.

The other fabulous part of their story is how they so easily and effortlessly adapt to doing whatever it takes so they can enjoy their lives.  Kelly said she often slaps Jesse on her strong back, so they can enjoy the beach together.  Many times my husband and I would carry our son, when he was a  lighter and younger, on our backs to take him to experience the waterfront.  Often friends would marvel at our ease of  transporting Phillip this way.    There  was a great joy in our hearts that we were able to experience the outdoors together, as a family.

Jesse and Kelly have shown a nation that having a disability need not be a prescription for grief and sorrow, but a chance to celebrate life in a new way.