Holidays with kids with special needs can be wonderful or really tough.  We have had our share of great holidays, and some not so great ones.  This year was one of the better ones.

We decided to do something non-traditional and celebrate with our Chicago friends in New York City for Thanksgiving. That’s where our daughter and our friend’s daughters live.  We invited 35 for dinner at a terrific restaurant at the Bowery Hotel. But it wasn’t what we ate, nor where we ate our turkey,  (or even that I didn’t have to cook), but the incredible joy of all being together. 

There was great magic in our celebration.  Both Phillip and Greta declared it one of their  best Thanksgivings ever.   Phillip said he had never felt so included. So, a big thank you to Will, Torie, Gavin, Cooper, Charlotte, and Harry.  And thanks to their dad for flying them to New York City, complete with their two labrador dogs. It was a blast.