Powerful and Innovative

Unexpected changes often provoke greatness. On stage, Full Radius Dance grandly  illustrates the beauty and joy of including all people. The dancers prove that limitations are restricted to our thoughts, which can be changed.

So often we want to perceive of people with disabilities as victims.  Full Radius dancers refute this simplistic notion.  The dancers defy labels. Through art, they challenge our eyes, ears and brains to think in a new way….a more inclusive way. With wheels, and without wheels they demonstrate human capabilities.

Through much hard work, trial and error,  Full Radius has developed a distinctive style and technique. The dance company is  celebrated for its artistry and leadership for awareness of what is possible, despite challenges.

They have preformed  in Italy,  and for diversity celebrations at corporations like  Home Depot.   Full Radius is also committed to education and has proudly performed in many school gymnasiums and cafeterias. They will soon appear at the All About Developmental Disabilities Legacy Breakfast Oct. 17, at the Atlanta History Center.  You can see a clip of them preforming at www.fullradiusdance.org.