Changing Attitudes

It is uplifting to see  many young people today  sharing their lives with  students with disabilities. In fact, they seem to be doing a better job than their adult counterparts. When I went to high school, the kids with disabilities had their own “special” classrooms.  That resulted in very little interaction and integration.  Things are  changing.

A friend from Minnesota sent me this video of how a student with cerebral palsy touched the very core of his classmates hearts.

Then there’s the story of the cheerleader in Texas who was asked to sit on the sidelines by school administrators, because they were concerned about Brittany Davila’s “safety.”  Brittany  was born with Down Syndrome, but has been cheering on the squad since middle school.

“It’s her favorite thing to do,” Brittany’s mother said.

Her classmates too were upset and knew how much Brittany contributed to their school spirit.  It became a national story.  Last month, the school administrators wiped the egg off their faces and reinstated Brittany on the squad, adapting some of the routines so she would not do anything dangerous.

The cheerleaders are thrilled to have her back on the field.

“She helps us stay on task. If we are talking, she’s like, ‘Get in line.’” Deer Park Cheerleader Sara Washington  said.   “She’s perfect for this. This is what she was made to do.”