A Performance in Full

Saturday night, my husband, son and I felt our hearts and spirits soar as we watched  Full Radius Dance at the Seven Stages Theatre in Atlanta. The”New/Favorites” program was simply breathtaking, as we witnessed dancers with and without disabilities exhibit such ethereal elegance, grace and strength.

We gasped with shock as we observed some of the dancers hoist their counterparts in wheelchairs to the sky. Then we held our sides laughing, when the troupe suddenly  burst  from New Age music into the bubblegum hit, “Yummy, yummy, I have love in my tummy.”   I thought our son Phillip, who lives with cerebral palsy,  was going to stand up and run onto the stage with the dancers,  as he became so engaged with the performance.

This theater experience was one of the best we’ve had.  We felt much more elated, energized and moved than any performance we have seen lately.  (We went to a Broadway play at Thanksgiving, and Full Radius Dance ranks much higher for  us than that high priced ticket.)

Douglas Scott, executive and artistic director, I thank you for what you do.  Your work and your dancers are a tribute to unlimited possibilities and a tribute to the human spirit. Atlanta is lucky to have you.  Read more about Full Radius Dance here.