New Day at AADD

It was a great day at the Atlanta office of All about Developmental Disabilities (AADD) yesterday. The staff held a joyful thank you celebration to those responsible for the opening of the new Family Support Center. A local church, St. Phillip’s Cathedral held an antiques show to help raise funds to boost AADD.

Because of the wonderful gift from the Cathedral Antiques Show,  there is now a place that any family can come and find help. This center means that families facing the challenges of raising a child with developmental disabilities (DD) have a strong support team.  Families and caregivers responsible for adults with DD can also use the Family Support Center.

The center helps perform an organized program called Person Center Planning.  Our son participated in this and it was a huge boost for our entire family. There is also Navigational Consulting.  Trying to navigate the bureaucratic system to get financial support for a person with disabilities is an extremely daunting process, no matter the educational or socio-economic level of the family.  I am going to use their navigational services because I find that dealing with governmental bureaucracy for disability supports is exhausting. I need help.

The family support center also provides counseling.  So many families find they are in a crisis when caring for their loved one with developmental disabilities. It will give  families the resources they need to get out of crisis and find stability.  Finally, many people with developmental disabilities feel alone.  The center provides peer support groups to help them find outlets for fulfilling lives.

AADD and the Family Support Center can’t do everything, but it can be a tremendous resource to keep families together, and help improve the lives of those living with developmental disabilities.  For more information, contact AADD at